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IBM DB2 - Basic Administration for Linux and Windows (CL2X3G)


Kurssprache ist Deutsch, die Unterlagen sind in englischer Sprache.

This course teaches you to perform basic database administrative tasks using DB2 10.1 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows. These tasks include creating and populating databases and implementing a logical design to support recovery requirements. The access strategies selected by the DB2 Optimizer will be examined using the DB2 Explain tools. Various diagnostic methods will be presented including using the db2diag.log file messages to direct your investigation of problems as well as using the db2pd commands.

Hinweis: Dieses Seminar wird in Zusammenarbeit mit dem offiziellen Partner des IBM Global Training Providers Global Knowledge: Integrata AG oder dem IBM Education Delivery und IBM Sales Partner von Arrow ECS: Fast Lane Institute for Knowledge Transfer GmbH durchgeführt.


Day 1
- Overview of DB2 on Linux, UNIX and Windows
- Command Line Processor (CLP) and GUI usage
- The DB2 Database Manager Instance
- Exercise 1: Create a New DB2 Instance
- Creating databases and data placement
- Exercise 2: Creating databases and data placement
Day 2
- Creating database objects
- Exercise 3: Create objects
- Moving data
- Exercise 4: Moving data
Day 3
- Backup and recovery
- Exercise 5: Backup and recovery
- Database Maintenance, Monitoring, and Problem Determination
- Exercise 6: Using DB2 Tools for Performance
Day 4
- Locking and concurrency
- Exercise 7: Investigating DB2 Locking
- Security
- Exercise 8: Database Security


You should be able to:
- Use basic OS functions such as utilities, file permissions, hierarchical file system, commands, and editor
- State the functions of the Structured Query Language (SQL) and be able to construct DDL, DML, and authorization statements
- Discuss basic relational database concepts and objects such as tables, indexes, views, and join


This intermediate course is for system administrators, database administrators, and technical personnel involved in planning, implementing, and maintaining DB2 databases.


See overview.


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